Fighting racism together: anti-racism protests in the US and Europe

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The ongoing anti-racism demonstrations in the United States spurred by the brutal killing of George Floyd spread across the Atlantic. In many European countries, people are getting behind the cause and protesting racism and police violence against BIPOC. How are the demonstrations in France and Germany connected to the ones in the US? Is Europe also starting to confront racial injustice on its own soil? And what does it mean for the transatlantic relationship? In this week’s podcast Mark Leonard is joined by the head of our Paris office Tara Varma, Member of the German Bundestag and Council member Omid Nouripour, as well as Spencer Boyer, director of the Washington office of the Brennan Center for Justice to discuss the recent anti-racism protests and their impact on the transatlantic relations.

This podcast was recorded on 10 June 2020.


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