Defending the open society with Mark Malloch-Brown

Mark Leonard welcomes Mark Malloch-Brown to discuss the future of the open society model in Europe and the world

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Global freedom has been declining for 17 years. Authoritarian turns are increasing, and current events – such as the rise of populism and Russia’s war on Ukraine – are shaping the future of democracy across the globe.

In this week’s episode, Mark Leonard welcomes the president of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), Mark Malloch-Brown – who previously served as UN deputy secretary-general under Kofi Annan – to discuss open societies and OSF’s role in promoting justice, democratic governance, and human rights worldwide. What are OSF’s next steps in the new global reality? How could changes in the organisation’s presence in Europe affect civil society on the continent, especially in places like Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine? And how crucial is 2024, a year of big elections in Europe and the United States, for defending the open society model?

This podcast was recorded on 13 September 2023.  


Open Society Barometer

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Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, President, Open Society Foundations, USA speaking in the Democracy: The Way Forward session at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos-Klosters,
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