De-risking and its impact on the global economy

Mark Leonard welcomes Agathe Demarais and Stephen Adams to discuss de-risking and its impact on Europe and the global economy

A few years ago decoupling was all the rage, but Western economies are now moving towards de-risking as they strive to reduce their economic reliance on China. A United States keen to preserve its technological superiority leads the way – and aims to bring its allies along for the ride.

In this week’s episode, Mark Leonard welcomes ECFR senior policy fellow, Agathe Demarais, and senior director at risk advisory firm Global Counsel, Stephen Adams, to discuss de-risking and its impact on European countries and the global economy. Where did the phrase originate? What does de-risking mean in practice? And what does an economic landscape conditioned by de-risking look like?


Underground Empire, by Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman

State of Emergency: Britain, 1970-1974, by Dominic Sandbrook

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