Algorithmic agendas: The globalisation of political technology 

Mark Leonard welcomes Andrew Wilson to discuss political technology and the globalisation of political manipulation

Political technology, or the professional engineering of politics, has been endemic to Russia since the Soviet era. But these practices have now spread across the globe – with manipulation occurring in China, European countries, India, the United States, and many others. And the political engineering industry goes well beyond mere online disinformation. From data mining to astroturfing and propaganda apps, a global market is emerging for the whole gamut of manipulation techniques. 

In this week’s episode, Mark Leonard welcomes Andrew Wilson, senior policy fellow at ECFR and professor of Ukrainian studies at University College London, to discuss political technology and the globalisation of political manipulation. Where did the term political technology originate? How does it spread? And what can democracies do to defend themselves? 

This episode was recorded on 21 May 2024 


Political Technology: The Globalisation of Political Manipulation, by Andrew Wilson 

How to Steal a Presidential Election, by Lawrence Lessig and Matthew Seligman 

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