A Gulf apart: How Europe can gain influence with the Gulf Cooperation Council

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The ECFR Rome office organized a virtual gathering, moderated by the Head of ECFR Rome Arturo Varvelli, to present the ECFR publication “A Gulf apart: How Europe can gain influence with the Gulf Cooperation Council” with author and ECFR visiting fellow Cinzia Bianco. The discussion focused on the present and future relations between European countries, the European Union and the Gulf monarchies and provided also an opportunity to analyse the geopolitical effects and consequences of the Covid19 crisis and the ongoing oil price war in the region.

Among the speakers: ECFR Council Members Lapo Pistelli, Head of International Affairs at ENI, Franco Frattini, former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and former EU Commissioner and Roberto Storaci, Chair of the Working Group on the Middle East and Gulf of the Council of Europe.

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