The impact of European policy on the migration crisis

ECFR Paris is delighted to invite you to a virtual seminar on the migration crisis and European cooperation

, Berlin time (CET, UTC+1)
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Thibaut Jaulin, reseacher, Sciences Po

Andrew Lebovich, Policy Fellow, ECFR

Gerasimos Tsourapas, Senior lecturer, University of Birmingham

Modéré par

Rym Momtaz, France correspondent, POLITICO

The Paris office of the European Council on Foreign Relations is delighted to invite you to a virtual seminar on the migration crisis and European cooperation. This is the third seminar of a partnership between the H2020 project MAGYC and ECFR Paris, entitled « Crises, migration and European cooperation ». The recordings of the first two seminars, « How the Covid-19 shaped European migratory governance? » and « Migration and climate change: what can European cooperation achieve?« , are available online.

Thibaut Jaulin is researcher at Sciences Po. His current research interests include international migration; migration policies in labour sending and labour receiving countries; and migrants’ transnational practices, including external voting. His research focuses more particular on the EU and on the MENA region.

Andrew Lebovich is a policy fellow at ECFR. His research focuses on North Africa and the Sahel. Lebovich is currently a doctoral candidate in African History at Columbia University in New York, where he studies religion, politics, and society in North Africa, the Sahara, and the Sahel.

Gerasimos Tsourapas is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Middle East Politics at the School of Government, University of Birmingham, and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University (2019-20). His research focuses on the politics of migrants, refugees, and diasporas in the broader Middle East.

Rym Momtaz is POLITICO correspondent in France. Before joining POLITICO, she spent the last seven years working as a Producer at ABC News. She covered major news stories across Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. including Macron’s rise to power, the 2015 attacks in Paris, Brussels and Bamako, and the battles for Raqqa and Mosul. More recently, she has increasingly focused on the interplay between the causes of Islamist radicalization, the rise of populism and the migration in Europe.