Yemen: What Next?

Is Yemen doomed to delve deeper into the abyss?


Adam Baron, MENA Visiting Fellow

Iona Craig, Independent journalist and writer

Nawal al-Maghafi, Yemeni/British journalist and filmmaker

Chaired by

Mattia Toaldo, MENA Policy Fellow, ECFR


26 January 2016: Yemen – what next? by Ecfr on Mixcloud


Yemen has been mired in crisis since the Houthi rebels' takeover of Sanaa on 21 September 2015 and the subsequent launch of a Saudi-led military intervention aimed at restoring internationally recognized Yemeni president Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government to power.

During the discussion, the panellists will discuss the potential trajectories of the crisis, focusing on the ongoing political negotiations, humanitarian crisis and events on the ground. Is Yemen doomed to delve deeper into the abyss? And what can be done by international actors to mitigate the ongoing damage?

Adam Baron is a Visiting Fellow at ECFR and a cofounder of the Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies, a recently established Yemen-focused research center. Adam authored ECFR’s innovative project ‘Mapping the Yemen conflict which, through maps, illustrates distinct facets of Yemen’s ongoing civil war and illuminates rarely discussed aspects of the conflict.

Iona Craig is a British-Irish freelance journalist. In 2015, she was recognized for her work as a Yemen correspondent at The Times, for which she was the recipient of the 2014 Martha Gellhorn prize.

Nawal al-Maghafi is an award-winning Yemeni-British journalist and filmmaker. She has had her work featured at Channel 4, BBC Newsnight, BBC World and BBC Arabic, amongst others.

Mattia Toaldo is a policy fellow for ECFR's Middle East & North Africa programme where he focuses on Libya, Israel/Palestine and migration issues. Mattia is a member of the Council of the Society for Libyan Studies and of the scientific board of Limes, the Italian review of Geopolitics.