World in Focus: Do we need a new social contract?

What world will emerge from and after the coronavirus crisis? Are we witnessing a breakthrough in European integration? What awaits transatlantic relations after the US elections? How to green the economy? These are just some of the questions that we will be asking during the new edition of the World in Focus. We also want to hear your questions, so join the discussion and find out what the world is talking about.



Edwin Bendyk, President of the board of the Stefan Batory Foundation.

Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Studies

Ellen Ueberschär, President of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Chaired by

Piotr Buras, Head of ECFR Warsaw Office

Joanna Maria Stolarek, Head of Heinrich Böll Foundation Warsaw

This year’s pandemic has shaken the world order and forced solutions that go further than previously thought possible in the system of Western democracy. Who among us could have imagined schools closed for many months or cancelled elections? The future shape of the world will be decided by those who best respond to this crisis. But what is this recipe for the future? Will our democracy, as it gains resistance to the coronavirus, also become resistant to the processes that threaten it, such as extremism or the coming economic crisis? Or, maybe, will democracy suffer even more because “democracy cannot function if people are to stay at home”, as the sociologist Ivan Krastev claims? Is Europe responding effectively to this challenge? Will we return to the old order? Is the crisis a chance for a (radical) change?

We invite you to the opening session of World in Focus. Warsaw International Gatherings. You can watch the discussion online on Facebook and Youtube.

World in Focus. Warsaw international meetings is a series of events about Poland, Europe and the world, during which we discuss the most pressing international issues. These talks are especially important in times of new challenges, crises and global changes. Intellectuals, experts and practitioners from Poland and Europe will appear on stage, but we invite everyone interested in current events and visions of the future of international relations to the discussion.

For the fifth time, we will reflect on the processes of a changing world and ask questions about Poland’s place in global changes.

This year’s edition of the World in Focus is devoted to the change that is rapidly taking place in European and international politics. The coronavirus has shaken the world order and forced quick decisions going further than previously thought possible. The future shape of the world will be decided by those who respond best to this crisis. During the World in Focus we will talk with you about whether Europe is effectively responding to this challenge. How will the global economic and political system change? Will we return to the old order? Is the crisis a chance for radical change? How can we save our planet?

The World in Focus is open to everyone. On October 15th we will meet at the opening debate online, and we will conduct further online discussions until November 5th. See you there!

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