Will China dominate the 21st century?

Jonathan Fenby will discuss the meteoric rise of China and the obstacles this has presented, with a view to exploring the future of the Middle Kingdom, and the world at large. 


Jonathan Fenby, Managing Director, Trusted Sources Research Service

Chaired by

Mark Leonard, Director, ECFR

The 21st century is often heralded as the Chinese Century- China's unstoppable growth continues to fascinate and mystify the world as it carefully watches the last major state to be ruled by a Communist Party. But looking beyond the impressive statistical successes, China's rise is a difficult balancing act faced with a number of obstacles. What are those obstacles? And how will they affect the future of the Middle Kingdom, and by extension, our world at large? Jonathan Fenby will examine these and other questions in conversation with Mark Leonard. 

Jonathan Fenby is a former editor of The Observer and South China Morning Post and a founding partner and managing director of Trusted Sources Research Service. He is the author of several books on China, including Will China Dominate the 21st Century? (2014) and Tiger Head, Snake Tails (2013)

Mark Leonard is co-founder and director of ECFR. Mark was a transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States. His publications on China include What does China think? and China 3.0 which he edited.