What next for US-Russia relations? The view from Moscow

How does Moscow view the prospects for co-operation with the US?


Dmitry Suslov, Program Director, Valdai International Discussion Club

Chaired by

Kadri Liik, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR


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In light of the latest events in Syria and Ukraine, how does Moscow view the prospects for co-operation with the US? Where are the conceptual differences, where is the tactical competition? How can this be overcome? And does Moscow expect the next US administration to be any easier to work with?

Dmitry Suslov is Deputy Director for Research at the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, Director of the Valdai Discussion Club Programme “Globalisation and Regionalisation”, and Deputy Director of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University – Higher School of Economics. He is the Russian co-ordinator of the Working Group on the Future of US-Russia Relations, a joint project of the HSE and Harvard University. He co-authored over 150 analytical papers on the European Union, especially on its relations with Russia. His latest commentary is on Regionalisation and chaos in interdependent world.

Kadri Liik (@KadriLiik) is Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR specialising in Russian domestic and foreign policy and relations with the West. Her most recent commentary has been on what to expect from Russia in Syria and how to talk with Russia.