What is feminist diplomacy in action?

What does feminist diplomacy stand for in today’s complex world of great powers competition? What can it achieve?

, Berlin time (CEST, UTC+2)

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Ann Bernes, Swedish Ambassador for Gender Equality and Coordinator of Feminist Foreign Policy

Pascalle Grotenhuis, Dutch Ambassador for women’s rights and gender equality

Delphine O, Secretary General of the Generation Equality Forum and French Ambassador for Gender Equality

Chaired by

Mathilde Ciulla, Programme Coordinator, ECFR Paris

Prior to the Generation Equality Forum that will take place from 30 June to 2 July in Paris, we cordially invite you to participate in a public debate on feminist diplomacy. The Generation Equality Forum is a global gathering for gender equality, organised by UN Women and co-chaired by Mexico and France to mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing declaration on Women’s Rights and platform for action.  

What progress has been made over the past 25 years? What does feminist diplomacy stand for in today’s complex world of great powers competition? What can it achieve? What steps remain to be taken in order to fulfil this ambitious agenda, and for feminist diplomacy to become mainstream? Join our virtual event with European Ambassadors for Gender Equality to discuss and to share your insights