Ukraine: what next?

Recent developments in Ukraine and Crimea lead to several questions on the future of Kiev, its relations with Europe, Russia’s role, the consequences on the post-soviet region, the US position and the reactions of some of most relevant international actors as China, Turkey and the Arab region. 


Andrew Wilson, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR 

Chaired by

Silvia Francescon, Director, ECFR Rome office 

Andrew Wilson is a Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. He is a permanent Reader in Ukrainian Studies at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), University College London. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. He has published widely on the politics and culture of the European neighbourhood, particularly on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and on the comparative politics of democratisation in the post-Soviet states, especially its corruption by so-called ‘political technology’.

His areas of Expertise include Russia, Ukraine and the ‘neighbourhood’, the comparative politics of the post-Soviet states.