Trump’s pull out: What next for Syria and what next for European Policy?

A panel discussion on the effects of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and the EUs possibilities with regards to reacting to the ongoing crisis.

ECFR Berlin, Entrance: Rosmarinstrasse 1, 10117 Berlin


Laila Kiki, Executive Director, The Syria Campaign
Ambassador Boris Ruge, Vice-Chairman, Munich Security Conference (MSC)
Julien Barnes-Dacey, Director Middle East & North Africa programme, ECFR

Chaired by

Jeremy Shapiro, Research Director, ECFR

The European Council on Foreign Relations is delighted to invite you to a panel discussion assessing the implications of the US military withdrawal from Syria and Turkey’s incursion and subsequent deal-making with Russia. How will this shape the future of Syria’s north east, the wider country – including the ongoing political process – as well as European policy towards the crisis, particularly in view of the German debate about a possible safe zone. What do recent developments say about US policy toward Syria, is there space for Europeans to still play a constructive role and how best to salvage some positive gains in Syria going forward?

Laila Kiki is the Executive Director of The Syria Campaign, which advocates for a free and democratic Syria.

Ambassador Boris Ruge is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Munich Security Conference. He has previously served in a number of diplomatic positions for the Federal Foreign Office, including as German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Deputy Chief of Mission in D.C: and MENA director.

Julien Barnes-Dacey is the Director of the MENA programme at ECFR. He was previously based as a researcher and journalist across the Middle East, including in Syria from 2007-2010 where he reported for the Wall Street Journal and Christian Science Monitor.

Jeremy Shapiro is the Research Director at ECFR. He has previously been a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in D.C: and has worked in the US State Department, as a member of the Policy Planning Staff and as Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon.