Troubled Post-election Israel

What impact on the peace process, the region, and Israel’s international relations?”


Daniel Levy, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program, ECFR

Daniel Seidemann,  Founder, Terrestrial Jerusalem


Chaired by

Silvia Francescon, Head, ECFR Roma

When it is eventually sworn in, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s fourth government will face no shortage of pressing foreign policy issues. The recent election campaign played out against a backdrop of Netanyahu’s opposition to P5+1 negotiations with Iran as well as the spreading regional turmoil. Netanyahu’s disavowal of his previous declaration of support for the two-state solution raises new challenges for an already trouble peace process, while the Palestinian leadership is looking increasingly to international fora. An early priority for the new Israeli government might even be mending its frayed relations with the US administration and European governments.