Towards a Post-American Europe

Launching the “Towards a Post-American Europe” with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Nick Witney, senior policy fellow, London

Nickolay Mladenov, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Chaired by

Vessela Tcherneva, Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are now entering a “post-American world”. Where does this leave the transatlantic relationship? Is its importance inevitably set to decline? If so, does this matter? And how should Europeans respond?

In this report the authors argue that the real threat to the transatlantic relationship comes not from the remaking of America’s global strategy, but from European governments’ failure to come to terms with how the world is changing and how the relationship must adapt to those changes. In the post-American world, the transatlantic relationship that works for both sides depends on the emergence of a post-American Europe.