The Brussels Effect: How the EU rules the world

We welcome you to join us when Anu Bradford presents her new book on the Brussels effect – a refreshingly positive perspective on the EUs dominant role in the world of trade and regulation.


Anu Bradford, Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization, Columbia Law School

Chaired by

Jana Puglierin, Head of Berlin office and Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

What if a mild-mannered economic superpower was shaping the world economy, and most people didn’t notice? In what capacity does the EU influence global corporations? How does it dominate a variety of policy areas from data privacy to trade, from economic regulations to environmental protection? How does it set and export standards in these domains? Will the UK ever be free from the EUs regulatory reach as Brexiteers claim? Are trade and regulation the only effective foreign policy instruments the EU has?

We are delighted to welcome Professor Anu Bradford to present her new book on the “Brussels effect” to discuss these and other questions.

If interested, RSVP to [email protected]