Technological Sovereignty and the Return of Geopolitics – Implications for Europe and Japan

ECFR hosts a discussion with a German MP and a Japanese professor of International Politics.


Metin Hakverdi, Member of the Bundestag, SPD
Kazuto Suzuki, Professor of International Politics, Hokkaido University

Chaired by

Janka Oertel, Asia Programme Director and Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

Europe and Japan share the same fundamental values, including on democracy, market economy, human rights, freedom, equality, and the rule of law. Both are economic power houses. Even more than in the past, the capability to lead on emerging technologies will define economic prosperity in the future. But as the ongoing controversy about 5G networks demonstrates, it has become increasingly difficult to separate technological developments from geopolitical considerations. What does ‘technological sovereignty’ mean in a post-2020 world? How can Europe and Japan master this new reality? What are the largest challenges ahead and what would be the best approach to strategic cooperation?

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