Still standing together: A NATO summit on Ukraine’s fate

, Berlin time (CEST, UTC+2)

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  • Susi Dennison, Director of European Power Programm and Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR  
  • Maryna Domushkina, Visiting Fellow Ukraine, ECFR  
  • Rafael Loss, Policy Fellow, ECFR 

Chaired by

Vessela Tcherneva, Deputy Director, ECFR

As leaders are about to take pivotal decisions for Ukraine’s fate at the NATO summit, join us for a discussion about pathways and policy options for Ukraine’s future and European Defence, based on ECFR’s latest public opinion.  

This webinar will delve into the nuanced public perceptions of the war in Ukraine in Ukraine itself, Switzerland, the UK as well as 12 EU member states (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden). Drawing on these results, we will explore potential courses of action for European policymakers to support Ukraine in the short- and long term, as well as points of agreement and potential contentions between the Ukrainian and other European publics. Finally, our panelists will deliberate on what public views mean for effective policy making and key decisions to be taken at the NATO summit: Should Europe consider sending troops to Ukraine? Can Ukraine realistically join NATO in the near future? How does NATO accession interplay with potential EU membership for Ukraine? How can we align Ukrainian and European public opinion on these critical decisions?

The debate will be kicked off with a brief public opinion data presentation by Susi Dennison, ECFR’s Director of the European Power ProgrammeRafael LossPolicy Fellow at ECFR’s Defence Initiative, and Maryna Domushkina, Ukrainian Visiting Fellow at ECFR, will comment from a Ukrainian and defence-focused perspective respectively.