South Africa’s Democratic Experience: Parallels with Bulgaria

South Africa’s Democratic Experience: Parallels with Bulgaria? a talk with H.E. Sheila Camerer (Ambassador of South Africa in Bulgaria)


H.E. Sheila Camerer, Ambassador of South Africa in Bulgaria; Daniel Smilov, Centre for Liberal Strategies and Galina Kostadinova, Oxford University.

The end of apartheid and transition to democratic rule in the 1990s turned South Africa into a global example and, as of today, an ambitious international actor. Reforming the political system, institutional change, large-scale social programmes to improve the status of marginalised communities are all facets of the country’s experience. Are there parallels or even lessons to be drawn in Bulgaria – e.g. in areas such as judicial reform or policies on Roma integration? Those questions will be explored by Ambassador Camerer, long-standing member of South Africa’s parliament and deputy justice minister under the governance of President Frederik Willem de Klerk.