Should the EU fear Polexit?

Has Poland already entered the path of ‘Polexit’? What should the EU do to defend its legal space and protect the authority of the CJEU?

, Berlin time (CEST, UTC+2)

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  • Lucas Guttenberg, deputy director, Jacques Delors Institute Berlin
  • Caroline de Gruyter, columnist and journalist, NRC Handelsblad
  • Duncan Robinson, Brussels bureau chief, The Economist
  • Shahin Vallée, senior fellow, DGAP, and LSE European Institute
  • Commentary: Piotr Buras, director, ECFR Warsaw Office

Chaired by

  • Edwin Bendyk, president, Stefan Batory Foundation

The unprecedented challenge made by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to one of the European Union’s core legal principles has opened the next stage of Warsaw’s political and legal dispute with Brussels and fuelled serious concerns of a ‘Polexit.’ At the request of the Prime Minister, Poland’s government-controlled Constitutional Tribunal ruled late last week that key provisions of the EU’s primary treaties are incompatible with the Polish constitution, essentially undermining the primacy of EU law and challenging the very fundaments of the EU legal order.

During the debate, we will discuss the legal and political implications of the ruling for Poland as well as for the European Union. Has Poland already entered the path of ‘Polexit’? What should the EU do to defend its legal space and protect the authority of the CJEU?

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