Security and counter-terrorism in the Maghreb

Exploring security and counter-terrorism strategies and issues of the Maghreb states


Anthony Dworkin, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

Fatim-Zohra El Malki, Visiting Fellow, ECFR

Riccardo Fabiani, Geopolitical Analyst, Energy Aspects

Chaired by

Chloe Teevan, MENA Programme Coordinator, ECFR

A lunchtime discussion on security and counter-terrorism dynamics in the Maghreb, following the publication of ECFR’s recent paper, The southern front line: EU counter-terrorism cooperation with Tunisia and Morocco by Fatim-Zohra El Malki and Anthony Dworkin.

Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco face distinct but related security challenges. Both ISIS and al-Qaeda have had a presence in the region. Large numbers of foreign fighters joined ISIS from Tunisia and Morocco, and many of them are now returning home, while the on-going insecurity in Libya and Mali is of great concern for Algeria. This event will explore the security and counter-terrorism strategies of the Maghreb states, exploring issues such as the intelligence work behind the prevention of attacks, the framework for dealing with terrorist threats in urban centres and industrial facilities, the legal challenges posed by returnees, and the socioeconomic reforms required to curb radicalisation.

The event will also examine the extent of European cooperation with these countries and explore how Europeans can supplement the current focus on technical and operational security assistance with a deeper focus on human rights and rule of law.

Anthony Dworkin (@AnthonyDworkin) is Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR, where he leads the organisation’s work in the area of human rights, democracy, and justice. Other publications include Europe’s new counter-terror wars and Egypt on the edge: how Europe can avoid another crisis in Egypt.

Fatim-Zohra El Malki (@fzelmalki) is a Visiting Fellow at ECFR and is pursuing her PhD at Oxford University’s Oriental Institute. Her research focuses on counter-terrorism cooperation as well as law and institution making in the Maghreb region.

Riccardo Fabiani (@ricfabiani) is a Geopolitical Analyst with research consultancy Energy Aspects, where he focuses mainly on the MENA region. He has previously worked as a MENA senior analyst at political risk firm Eurasia Group and as a Middle East senior economist at D&B Country Risk Services.

Chloe Teevan (@ChloeTvan) is Programme Coordinator for ECFR's MENA Programme, where she works on the strategic planning and development of the programme’s North Africa work, and is conducting research on EU options for empowering youth in the Maghreb and Egypt.