Second ECFR Forum on Strategic Raw Materials – Strategic Partnerships for Investment and Impact

, Berlin time (CEST, UTC+2)
Venue: NH Brussels EU Berlaymont, Boulevard Charlemagne 11-19, 1000 Brussels

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  • Koen Doens, Director-General, Directorate-General International Partnerships (INTPA), European Commission
  • Jan Klawitter, Head of International Policy, Anglo American
  • Joaquim Nunes de Almeida, Director, Mobility & Energy Intensive Industries, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROW), European Commission
  • Amanda van Dyke, Managing Director, ARCH Emerging Markets Partners

Chaired by

  • Ludivine Wouters, Visiting Fellow, ECFR

The EU’s publication of the Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Act on 16 March 2023 creates an opportunity to redesign the EU’s relationship with Africa while pursuing European and African industrial and decarbonisation objectives. To achieve its goal of securing access to strategic raw materials and forging partnerships with countries endowed with such natural resources, EU policy must be guided by market considerations.

To facilitate this goal, the second ECFR Critical Raw Materials Forum will allow European policy makers to engage with exploration and mining companies, specialized investors, market analysts and brokers, sustainability and responsibility professionals, as well as industrial policy experts. The aim is to stage an open dialogue that extends beyond the policy community to develop a holistic approach to EU-Africa partnerships around critical minerals. 

This event will be in English and on the record. A recording of the discussion will be made available on this page after the event.