Searching for a new Middle East Strategy

Crispin Blunt reflects on the UK's role in a new Middle East Strategy     

3 November 2015 - Searching for a new Middle East Strategy by Ecfr on Mixcloud


Crispin Blunt MP, Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, House of Commons

Chaired by

Mark Leonard, Director, ECFR

Crispin Blunt MP, Chairman of the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, will reflect on current developments in the Middle East, including how they relate to UK interests, outline what he perceives as the key challenges confronting the current UK approach and suggest how and where the UK can play a more prominent role in diffusing the deadly conflicts overwhelming the region and threatening UK interests.

Crispin Blunt is the Member of Parliament for Reigate and the Chair of the House of Commons’ Foreign Affairs Committee.

Mark Leonard is the Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.