Sanctions on Russia: Profits, Pitfalls and Prospects

Experts present a report on the effectiveness and downfalls of the sanctions that were imposed on Russia by the European Union and the United States in the aftermath of the illegal annexation of Crimea. 


Anastacia Galouchka, Expert in Foreign Policy and International Law, International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS)
Mykola Kapitonenko, Associate Expert, International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS)
Tobias Tunkel, Head of Division 205: Russia, Federal Foreign Office

Chaired by

Gustav Gressel, Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

Russia´s invasion in Ukraine prompted both the EU and the US to impose a variety of sanctions on the Russian Federation in order to contain (and possibly even reverse) its unlawful military expeditions. From day one this decision has been disputed: business organizations, politicians, think-tankers and journalists debated heavily on the sanctions´ scope of effectiveness. The report “Sanctions against Russia: Current status, prospects, successes and gaps in the Multilateral International Sanctions Regime against the Russian Federation” presented by Anastacia Galouchka and Mykola Kapitonenko from the ICPS in Kyiv takes stock of the existing sanctions-regime in the EU and the US, scrutinizes the effect of sanctions and provides suggestions on how to close certain loopholes in the existing regulation. How will the discussion on sanctions evolve within the EU? How to ensure compliance with sanctions and retain credibility? Can transatlantic unity and coordination be maintained despite tensions with the Trump administration?

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