Roundtable on Energy Security

Rountable discussion on european energy strategy and the role this plays in transatlantic relations. This event is in cooperation with the Atlantic Council and the Aspen Institute Germany.


Ambassador Richard L. Morningstar (Ret.), Founding Chairman, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council

Ambassador Andras Simonyi (Ret.), Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council

We are pleased to invite you to a workshop on European energy security: Diversification in Times of Decarbonization, a Transatlantic Energy Strategy. The workshop will take place on October 9, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., at the European Council on Foreign Relations, in Berlin, Germany.  

This workshop will focus on how US and European Union (EU) leadership can collaborate on energy security amidst the EU's transition to a low-carbon economy. The discussions will assess which supply diversification options would optimize EU energy security and how the United States and EU can partner on the diversification of resources and routes. Select high-level leaders and decision makers from the United States, the EU, EU member state governments, the private sector, and the research community will be invited to engage in this timely discussion.

The conversation will complement the findings of the Atlantic Council's first issue brief, “European Energy Security and Transatlantic Cooperation.” The brief summarizes insights from the first workshop held in Brussels, Belgium in March 2019 and covers the current state of the EU’s regulatory environment and energy markets, with a specific focus on the natural gas sector.

The workshops and issues briefs are part of an ongoing eighteen-month research initiative at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, which will culminate in 2020 with a final report outlining a comprehensive list of recommendations for how to enhance transatlantic energy diplomacy and cooperation. The report will be presented to the new European Commission, the US administration, and US congressional leaders.