Rome Meeting of ECFR Council Members

Chaired by

Silvia Francescon, Head, ECFR Rome

One of the most important events for the Rome office of ECFR, this year kindly hosted by UniCredit, has always seen a very high attendance from our council members, an important resource for the office work and perspectives.

A lot has happened since the last meeting in 2016. Brexit and US elections, a multilateral system under pressure, a European project which cannot fins common solutions to face common challenges like the migration one and which is still looking for his identity, the growing of populist movements.

A lot of challenges in the future: the post-election Iran, the Syrian crisis, a risk of division on Libya, dialogue with Turkey, the role of Russia in the Eastern neighborhood and Mediterranean.

With a view at this scenario, it has been really important to meet and have an open dialogue on all these issues as well as on the Rome office future perspectives and scenarios.