Presentation of the 2015 European Foreign Policy Scorecard

Scorecard 2015: who led and who hindered 2014 EU foreign policy


Lucio Caracciolo, Director, Limes

Nathalie Tocci, Deputy Director, IAI; ECFR Council Member

Chaired by

Silvia Francescon, Director, ECFR Roma

The fifth annual edition of ECFR’s groundbreaking ‘European Foreign Policy Scorecard’ examines the EU’s response to a year in which crisis came to Europe’s borders. It assesses 65 individual aspects of European foreign policy in six key areas: relations with Russia, Wider Europe, Middle East/North Africa, China and Europe's performance in multilateral institutions and in crisis management. The authors also award grades for overall performance and label individual countries “Leaders” or “Slackers” depending on whether they lead or hinder Europe’s ability to achieve its interests on particular goals.

We will discuss all these issues during the Scorecard 2015 presentation which will be generously hosted by the Ambassador of Sweden to Italy Ruth Jacoby