Financial solidarity as a response to the Covid-19 crisis? A Franco-German debate




Shahin Vallée, Senior Fellow, DGAP

Jakob von Weizäcker, Chief economist, German Ministry of Finance

Chaired by

Tom Nuttall, Berlin bureau chief, The Economist

Dear Madam, Sir, dear friends,

The Berlin and Paris offices of ECFR are delighted to invite you to a virtual debate:

“Financial solidarity as a response to the Covid-19 crisis? A Franco-German debate”

Friday June 19 15:00 – 16:00

On Zoom

The discussion will be held under Chatham House rules.

This Franco-German debate will be the first of an ECFR pan-European series of debates on the most pressing issues on European solidarity, sovereignty and cohesion, in the context of the upcoming German EU Council Presidency.

The economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have redefined Europe’s priorities and pushed for a renewed debate on solidarity among all 27-member states. After the German Constitutional court’s latest ruling and the European Commission’s announcement of an ambitious economic recovery plan, building on a proposal by Germany and France, we believe at ECFR that a Franco-German debate is essential. President Macron and Chancellor Merkel agreed a common vision forward on financial solidarity as a response to the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath within the EU. Yet, this may only be the beginning of a common journey. This debate will allow us to identify common ground for stability and prosperity in the bloc. How can we overcome divisions and different perceptions on economic solidarity within the bloc? Does this mean that Paris and Berlin have left behind all old disagreements? Is this Europe’s ‘moment of truth’ as colleagues have argued?

We would be honoured to welcome you.

Warmest regards,

Jana Puglierin and Tara Varma
Directors, Berlin and Paris Office.


Shahin Vallée is Senior Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations, is a former Economic advisor to Emmanuel Macron at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, and former advisor to the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy.

Jakob von Weizäcker is the chief economist at the German Ministry of Finance. He formerly represented the German Social Democrats at the European Parliament and is a former resident fellow of Bruegel.

Tom Nuttall is The Economist's Berlin bureau chief and former Brussels and Los Angeles correspondent. He served as editor at ECFR and as senior editor at Prospect magazine.