Israeli Foreign Policy in a Changing World

A breakfast discussion on Israeli foreign policy under Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu


Hugh Lovatt, Policy fellow with the MENA programme at ECFR.

Yossi Mekelberg, Professor of international relations at Regent’s University, London.

Chaired by

Rosemary Hollis, Professor, City University (retired)

ECFR will host a breakfast discussion on Israel’s foreign policy successes and challenges under Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

Despite a number of local security challenges, Israel’s enjoys a stronger international position than ever. Spurred on by unprecedent US support, Israel has deepened political and economic relations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, secured closer relations with eastern European states, and new pragmatic relations with actors ranging from Sunni rebels in southern Syria to the Gulf states.

What is driving Israel’s deepening ties with international actors and how might this evolve? Are Israeli-Arab relations normalising? What will be Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s foreign policy legacy?