How much is Modi changing India and how should the UK and Europe respond?

Our panel explores whether Modi can live up to expectations


Ashok Malik, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

Angela Stanzel, Policy Fellow, ECFR

Chaired by

Philip Stephens, Chief Political Commentator, Financial Times

20 November 2015: How much is Modi changing India and how should the UK and Europe respond? by Ecfr on Mixcloud

To mark the launch of ECFR's latest collection of essays What does India think, our panel will explore whether Prime Minister Modi faces expectations that are too high – internally and externally – to promote the economic development of India as well as to improve governance. What is the mood in the country and should Europe, India’s biggest market and trading partner, adopt a new strategy? 

Ashok Malik is Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), and a columnist for leading Indian and international publications. He is the author of many books, including the ECFR essay The India that made Modi (2015).

Angela Stanzel is a Policy Fellow for the Asia and China Programme at ECFR. Before joining ECFR, Angela worked for the BMW Foundation and the International Affairs Office of the Koerber Foundation in Berlin.

Philip Stephens is a commentator and author. He is associate editor of the Financial Times where as chief political commentator he writes twice-weekly columns on global and British affairs. He joined the Financial Times in 1983 after working as a correspondent for Reuters in Brussels and has been the FT’s Economics Editor, Political Editor and Editor of the UK edition.


Unfortunately, due to a visa problem, Happymon Jacob had to cancel his participation to this event.