Fear of the Caliphate or fear of Teheran?

From the nuclear deal with Iran to Libya through Yemen. New and old Middle Eastern plots


Mattia Toaldo, Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations

Monica Maggioni, Director, Rainews24

Nicola Pedde, Director, Institute for Global Studies

Franco Frattini, President, SIOI; Chamber President to the Italian Supreme Administrative Court (Conseil d’Etat); former Foreign Minister and former Vice President of the European Commission; ECFR Council Member


Chaired by

Lucio Caracciolo, Director, Limes

The nuclear deal with Iran, Yemen and Libya face opposing Middle Eastern alliances, but still all these regional actors are united in fighting al Baghdadi’s Islamic State.  What is changing in the regional geopolitical plots? What is still the same? But, above all, what are the consequences of these changes?

We will discuss these issues on Tuesday April 21st, at 5 pm at SIOI, Piazza di San Marco 51

To confirm:[email protected], tel: 06 67076791