European foreign policy in a new world order

Spring meeting of ECFR's Foreign Policy Strategy Group

Chaired by

Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, Head of ECFR Paris and Senior Policy Fellow
Josef Janning, Head of ECFR Berlin and Senior Policy Fellow

On 30 March, Rethink: Europe hosted the spring meeting of ECFR’s Foreign Policy Strategy Group of foreign policy thinkers and decision makers in Paris.

The meeting covered Europe’s international agenda and key external partnerships against the backdrop of major elections and transitions of government in Europe and the United States. The debate focused particularly on the practical implications of more flexibility in European integration and the future of the EU after Brexit. Representatives from the French and German foreign ministries and the European External Action Service, journalists, and think tank experts from across Europe contributed to the discussions.


Foreign Policy Strategy Group, 30 March 2017, Paris


ECFR’s Foreign Policy Strategy Group convenes three times a year to discuss and reflect on strategic issues for Europe and its foreign policy. It is hosted as part of Rethink: Europe an initiative of ECFR, supported by Stiftung Mercator, on European cohesion and the EU’s capacity to act together.