Virtual Roundtable: How is covid-19 changing European economic sovereignty?

What does the corona crisis mean for economic coercion? 



Erica Moret, Senior Researcher at IHEID (L'Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement/Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)

Elizabeth Rosenberg, Senior Fellow and Director of the Energy, Economics, and Security Program at the Center for a New American Security

Chaired by

Jonathan Hackenbroich, ECFR Policy Fellow on Economic Statecraft

What does the corona crisis mean for economic coercion? How does it amplify some of the problems stemming from punitive economic measures Europeans have worried about? Especially in the context of increasing tensions between the U.S. and China, of maximum pressure strategies, and of the depth of the economic crisis we are facing globally. Finally, how might the structural changes in our economies – from the increased role of the state to value chain reviews – change the nature of economic coercion? Who might benefit and what does it mean for European governments and companies?