Digital Money and the Future of Globalisation

A new series of seminars on the effect of the Digital Revolution on International Relations


Diane Coyle, Economist and Bennett Professor of Public Policy, Cambridge University

Nigel Dodd, Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science

Chaired by

Mark Leonard, Co-Founder and Director, ECFR

International Relations in the Digital Age is a new series launched by ECFR in 2018 to examine how the digital revolution is redefining international relations. The series will explore how technological changes will affect democracy, economics, identity and war, as well as how DR will change deterrence, international regimes, state and non-state actors.

What does the emergence of Bitcoin and other digital currencies mean for our economy? Do they have disruptive potential and will the state lose its monopoly over money? What will they mean for statehood and globalisation? How can states provide for the right conditions for wealth, stability and power in the Digital Age?