Coffee Morning with Anthony Dworkin

Discussion of ECFR's policy paper “International Justice and the Prevention of Atrocity”


Anthony Dworkin, ECFR Senior Policy Fellow

Prof. Dr. Pascal Hector, Director for International Lawat the Federal Foreign Office

Dr. Silke Voss-Kyeck, expert at Amnesty International for UN and International Justice Affairs

Chaired by

Olaf Boehnke, ECFR Berlin, Head of Office

On Friday morning ECFR held a Black Coffee Morning to discuss Anthony Dworkin’s new pamphlet “International Justice and the Prevention of Atrocity.” The discussion centred on the balance between peace and justice in conflict zones and whether the two concepts exist in tension with one another. The cases of Libya, Sudan and Syria were looked into to see what lessons can be learnt about the effectiveness of using the ICC as a means of upholding universal human rights. Under question was whether a ‘track record’ needs to be established for the ICC before it can become effective, whether it is in danger of becoming a tool of powerful members of the UNSC and whether it is detrimental to the resolution of conflict.

In attendance were representatives of NGOs, think tanks and the foreign office.