Climate Diplomacy: Designed to Deliver?

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  • Anna Strzaska, Head of DivisionGreen Transition, European External Action Service, European Union 
  • Mats Engström, Senior Policy Fellow. European Council on Foreign Relations  

Chaired by

Susi Dennison, Senior Director for Strategy and Transformation and Senior Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations 

Against a backdrop of worldwide concern about energy and food insecurity in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, COP27 took place, bringing attention to the challenges that Europe faces with the threat of climate change and a tense geopolitical atmosphere. Cementing itself as a global player after focusing on creating security of energy supply and putting their economic interests first, the EU is still motivated to continue the drive forward on global climate action. Encouraging cooperation in the international system, however, has become tenser in the current geopolitical climate and the EU’s approach towards achieving net zero should be grounded in realism.

In ECFR’s upcoming policy brief “Climate Diplomacy: Designed to Deliver?”, ECFR senior policy fellows Susi Dennison and Mats Engström focus on what this approach may look like in relation to the EU’s relationship with its African partners. Closer cooperation with this key neighbouring region will prove vital in not only the European Green Deal but also in the EU’s diversification of energy sources and transition away from carbon dependency. In the brief, Dennison and Engström lay out the playing field around climate diplomacy, argue how the EU should move forward in this regard, and provide subsequent policy recommendations. During the panel discussion, they will be joined by Anna Strzaska, Head of Division – Green Transition at the European External Action Service.