China-Russia: “A Soft Alliance”?

China-Russia relations after the Ukrainian crisis


Alexander Gabuev, Visiting Fellow, ECFR

Chaired by

Silvia Francescon, Head, ECFR Rome

Putin’s Russia has made a dramatic turn towards China.  The longer Russia is forced to orient itself towards China, the more relevant the consequences will be. Some key elements, such as arms deals and Chinese control over key resource deposits, may become irreversible and have a lasting effect on Russia, European interests, and global security – even after Putin has left office

How are Europe and the US reacting to Putin’s pivot to Asia? How did relations between China and Russia changed after the Ukraine crisis? And, which options Europe and the rest of the world have to respond to this new “Soft Alliance”?

These issues were with Alexander Gabuev, ECFR Visiting Fellow and author of “A “Soft Alliance”? Russia-China Relations After the Ukraine Crisis