Black Coffee morning with Hossein Mousavian

Discussion on Iran's Middle East strategy


Dr. Hossein Mousavian, Iranian ambassador to Germany from 1990-97

Paul von Maltzahn, German ambassador to Iran from 2003-06

Chaired by

Adnan Tabatabai, General manager, CARPO

On Thursday morning ECFR Berlin had the pleasure of hosting a Black Coffee Morning in cooperation with the Centre for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient focusing on Iran and its place in the Middle East. The discussion centred on the complicated relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia and possible ways of resolving grievances the two hold against one another. Under discussion was the long history of adversary between the two countries and possible explanations for this state of affairs. The discussion then turned to the idea of a supra-national framework which could be built to include these countries and others, which would serve as a platform for conflict resolution.

During the open discussion, participants raised the role of Iran in Syria and the question of how Europe can best approach its foreign policy towards Iran in order to achieve desired results. The participants included journalists, think tank researchers and parliamentary assistants.