After Taksim: What Happened in Turkey?

With the participation of Dr. Kerem Yoktem (Center for European Studies at Oxford University and author of The Angry Nation: Turkey since 1989), Dimitar Kenarov (a freelance journalist who lives in Istanbul) Moderator: Dr. Dimitar Bechev (Director of ECFR-Sofia)


Kerem Oktem, Open Society Fellow of the European Studies Centre at Oxford University and Dimitar Kenarov, activist, writer and freelance journalist

Three weeks into the ongoing protests in Bulgaria, the Sofia office of the European Council on Foreign Relations invited Kerem Oktem and Dimitar Kenarov to participate in a discussion named “After Taksim: What happened in Turkey?” An account of the conversation that ensued on the meaning, specificity and implications of the protests in Taksim, and Sofia, can be found in Open Democracy.