European Sovereignty

Macron Takes Aim at European Politics

During his first year in office, French President Emmanuel Macron outlined a series of proposals for reforming European institutions; now he is launching a campaign to shake up the European Parliament election in 2019. Through it all, he has adhered to a coherent philosophy of how politics in the twenty-first century should work

A New Beginning for European Defence

It is time to move past institutional integration and develop practical European security capabilities

Berlin’s European agenda

The next German government must lead the way in forging European consensus on migration, foreign policy, and a common system of values. This means it will have to think bigger than ever before

Planning for President Le Pen

Europe must address seriously the possibility of Marine Le Pen winning, however unlikely it may seem

Trump the Ideologue?

Even those who seem to take Trump seriously are failing to get to the root of Trumpism.