New Atlanticism

A 6-point action plan for a transatlantic bargain

Politicians, academics, and other prominent senior experts from ECFR’s Council call on EU leaders to adopt a 6-point action plan for a transatlantic bargain

Second acts: How Europe can renew the transatlantic partnership

This could be the moment to build a more balanced transatlantic relationship, with Europeans showing the US where we need it to engage, and how – rather than simply waiting for cues from Washington

Building back a better transatlantic alliance

Even with a new, far more sympathetic US administration, it will be incumbent on Europe to come to the table as a co-equal power bearing solutions, rather than as a helpless child begging for protection and guidance

Views from the Capitals: What Biden’s victory means for Europe

What will a Biden administration herald for Europe? The heads of ECFR’s seven offices report on the mood in the capitals

Western democracies united

With Joe Biden moving into the White House, the United States and Europe should strive for a common China policy

Security realities

The Europeans are insufficiently prepared to provide more in terms of defence and stability. There will be a rude awakening even with a President Biden in the White House.