Middle East and North Africa

Deadlocked and loaded: Iraq’s political inertia

Iraqi leaders’ inability to form a government or deal with national challenges is destroying the legitimacy of the state. They need to appoint a new type of prime minister.

Fly for a might guy: Putin’s drone deal with Iran

Russia’s rumoured purchase of Iranian drones is unlikely to have a major impact in its war on Ukraine. It is unclear how quickly Russian forces could become proficient with these systems.

Local and focused: European support for peace in Yemen

The EU should provide targeted support to local communities and organisations in Yemen. This would help sustain the ceasefire and restore Europeans’ credibility in the country.

Peace of work: Yemen’s fragile ceasefire

The current truce in Yemen could lead to negotiations on a long-term ceasefire. But this would require greater concessions by the Houthis and sustained diplomatic engagement from regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Iran.