Investment screening: A victory for Europe

This week, the EU reached a political agreement on a framework for screening foreign direct investment at unprecedented speed, and took a step forward in building trust

Yemen’s diplomatic discord

After the collapse of planned consultations in Geneva, a new round of formal peace talks seems unlikely before the end of the year

Europe’s China vetoes

France, Germany, Italy, and the UK are strengthening their economic defences against China. Will more follow?

No right without might

Europeans still indulge in the myth of economic influence without military strength. But their soft power approach will fail without hard weapons

Trump vs. EU: The dead end of the normative approach

A divided EU – with an unstable Germany, a UK on its way out and renegade central eastern member states – is only of interest to the US as an ally in competition with Russia and China

4 takeaways from Turkey’s elections

From possible US sanctions to electing a new economic tsar, Erdogan has his hands full after Sunday’s elections