Copenhagen, and why Beijing should not over-play its hand

The Copenhagen Climate Conference showed the world that China was willing to use its power aggresively. But although it walked away without having given an inch, Beijing should worry about over-playing a strong hand

“Mushtarak”, le Guadalcanal agfhan?

Daniel Korski dans le Monde sur l?op?ration Mushtarak en Afghanistan et pourquoi elle doit ?tre une campagne militaire et politique et pas simplement une bataille

Has the EU escaped a Chinese rescue?

There is one worrying element to Greece’s financial tragedy that people seem to have forgotten: Greece first turned to Beijing for help

Again, the China arms embargo issue

Spain’s call for the EU to lift the arms embargo against China suffers from bad timing and blundering diplomacy

Sri Lanka’s Choice, and the World’s Responsibility

Pity the poor Sri Lankan voter. As presidential elections loom on Jan. 26, the public is faced with a choice between two candidates who openly accuse each other of war crimes.

Battling strategic irrelevance

European leaders should beware exiting Afghanistan. They have already staked their credibility there, and the balance of power in Asia is very uncertain.