Putin’s new world order: Ukraine after the referendum

Three pieces by ECFR's leading Wider Europe experts on the current situation in Ukraine, Putin's appeal for a new world order, and Germany's crucial role within the EU.

In his speech to the Russian parliament today, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is going to incorporate Crimea – thereby going ahead with a land grab unseen in Europe since the end of the World War II. He said that Russia has no plans to divide up the rest of Ukraine, but at the same time made it clear that he sees the new government in Kiev as representatives of Western-supported extremist groups who have gained power through an illegitimate coup d’etat.

Three ECFR experts analyse the situation and its implications. Kadri Liik analyses Putin’s policies in Crimea and his appeal for a new European order that was manisfested through these actions and then made explicit in today’s speech. Jana Kobzova – who is freshly back from Kiev and Kharkiv – describes the situation in Ukraine and prescribes ways for the West to help. Finally, Stefan Meister analyses the EU’s current and potential response to the situation as well as Germany’s views and sensitivities in this context.

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