China and the Global Crisis: Will Beijing be part of the solution?

The latest ‘China Analysis’ bulletin examines China’s role in ending the global financial crisis

Strategic culture, power balances and the analysis of geopolitical
shifts are a long-standing Chinese obsession. Academic institutions,
think-tanks, journals and web-based debate are growing in number and
quality. They underpin the breadth and depth of Chinese foreign

China Analysis introduces European audiences
to the debates inside China’s expert and think-tank world, and helps
the European policy community understand how China’s leadership thinks
about domestic and foreign policy issues. While freedom of expression
and information remain restricted in China’s media, these published
sources and debates are the only available access we have to understand
emerging trends within China.

China Analysis mainly draws on Chinese
mainland sources, but also monitors content in Chinese-language
publications from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Reports from Hong Kong and
Taiwan reflect the diversity of Chinese thinking, with occasional news
and analysis unpublished in the mainland.

In the latest in the series, Francois Godement examines the global financial crisis and the role that China can play in devising a solution.

China and
the Global Crisis: Will Beijing be part of the solution?

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ECFR Alumni · Director, Asia and China Programme
Senior Policy Fellow

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