A message from Timothy Garton Ash: Tell us you want Britain to stay

Leaders across Europe might want to get Brexit over the line. But in the long term the EU would be weaker without the UK.

Image by Ilovetheeu

Dear European friends,

We are fast approaching a critical period in Britain’s Brexit drama. Incredible though it may seem, there is now a serious chance of the British voting in a second referendum to stay in the European Union. What an extraordinary boost that would be to the whole post-1945 project of building a better Europe!

To get there, we need a little help from our friends. I can well understand why many Europeans just want to get the whole thing over and usher the United Kingdom out of the door. We have now had 900 days of the British government either not being able to articulate a negotiating position, or making unrealistic demands, or, as this week, being unable to deliver parliamentary approval for the deal it has negotiated.

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