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    Blog - Australia balancing between East and West

    By Florence Rountree - 14 April 2014

    Abbott's China visit shows a "pan-Asian" Asia policy that Europe can draw lessons from.

    Blog - The China-Germany relationship: as special as ever

    By Hans Kundnani - 24 March 2014

    The strengthening of ties between Germany and China makes clear that there is still a "special relationship", and Chinese plans in Berlin show that China is using its relationships with EU member states as a tool in Asian security disputes.

    Blog - Xi Jinping comes to Europe

    By Abigael Vasselier - 24 March 2014

    Xi Jinping arrived in Europe for an 11-day  tour, which features nuclear security and deepening economic trade relations highly on the agenda.

    Blog - Will China dominate the 21st century?

    By Nicholas Walton - 24 March 2014

    Will China dominate the 21st century? Jonathan Fenby, the speaker at a recent ECFR meeting looking at the challenges faced by Beijing, explains why it is unlikely

    Blog - George Soros Q&A part 1

    By Nicholas Walton - 13 March 2014

    Blog - “We have no substitute”: a European view of China’s economy

    By Angela Stanzel - 05 March 2014

    It is not yet clear what the National People’s Congress will do in the short term, or whether a debt crisis or a large-scale financial and economic crisis will hit China in the longer term. But optimists and sceptics at the conference both agreed on the way one participant framed the situation: “In China a crisis is coming and the only question is how we respond. But China is not doomed. And for us there is no second China.”

    Blog - Aftermath of North Korea’s “12/12”

    By Angela Stanzel - 31 January 2014

    It has been two years since Kim Jong-un took over North Korea, and observers and international actors are still asking themselves where he's taking the country. No time should be wasted in addressing such an overarching question. Serious talks and international pressure are necessary to bring peace and stability to the region, but they will only work if international stakeholders can formulate a common strategy on how to deal with North Korea.

    Blog - Dissent in China

    By Thomas Koenig - 22 January 2014

    The question of dissent is a question of agency – the increased will of the Chinese to insist on certain rights is a small victory for civil society in itself. But it is unclear how far the protesters are willing to take their discontent. Twenty-five years after Tiananmen and unparalleled economic growth, the government has been unsuccessful in choking off dissent completely, perhaps because it has started to see it as a “necessary evil” within the system. In theory, this controlled tension could continue for decades to come, as long as protest will not go beyond flare-ups here and there. The question is: do the Chinese people want this?

    Blog - China’s elite: a podcast special

    By Nicholas Walton - 17 January 2014

    Examining the nature, motivations and aims of China's governing elite, with Francois Godement and John Garnaut

    Blog - Does Europe need a global strategy?

    By Nicholas Walton - 26 November 2013

    Does Europe need a global strategy? Ten years ago European leaders approved a security strategy based upon a world that seemed so much more amenable to European interests and values. The subsequent decade has seen the world change enormously, and in a new ECFR paper that we’ll be publishing very soon, our experts outline the case for a new strategy for the new world that we find ourselves in.

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    Crienglish - 02 April 2014

    Angela Stanzel on the significance of Xi Jinping's visit in Europe. 

    South China Morning Post - 01 April 2014

    Thomas König comments the Chinese President's visit to Europe.

    GB Times - 01 April 2014

    Hans Kundnani is quoted on Sino-German relations

    Politiken - 31 March 2014

    François Godement quoted in an article about the Chinese President visit within EU's institutions.

    GB Times - 31 March 2014

    Hans Kundnani is quoted on Sino-German relations

    China Review News - 26 March 2014

    François Godement's article in Les Echos is quoted.