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The texts of the Two-State Stress Test were authored by:


Mattia Toaldo, Policy Fellow

Fatima Ayub, Associate Policy Fellow

Hugh Lovatt, Middle East Peace Process Project Officer

Dimi Reider, Associate Fellow and Co-Founder of +972 Magazine


The project was overseen by ECFR MENA Director Daniel Levy.

Guidance, advice and feedback on scoring were provided by a TSST Expert Committee, read more about it here.

We would also like to thank the following ECFR Staff for their considerable time and effort in making this project a reality:


Jacqueline Shoen, Editor

Alex Kouttab, Visiting Fellow

Lorenzo Marini, Web Officer

Andreas Mullerleile, Communications Co-ordinator

Helen Gale, MENA Programme Assistant


This project would not have come to life if not for the sterling contribution of several generations of ECFR MENA interns: Ben Chesler, Gert Jan Geling, Pia Petersson, and Matteo Mencarelli.

The graphic design of the TSST website was created by Zulaikha Ayub and was implemented and expanded by Latte Creative. Maps and graphs by Laura Canali.

Translations were provided in Arabic by Aiman Haddad and in Hebrew, by Dimi Reider.


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