Mano River Union (MRU)

Union du fleuve Mano

Member States

Founding members

Other members


Freetown, Sierra Leone

Date of creation

3 October 1973


The MRU aims to achieve greater unity and solidarity and to enhance cooperation between member states and peaceful coexistence among its peoples. This is by promoting peace, security, democratic principles, and popular participation of citizens in the pursuit of good governance. The objective is also to reinforce regional integration and development to integrate commerce and industry, to create employment, and to promote social and cultural affairs.


1973 Creation of the Mano River Union
2000 Creation of the Mano River Women’s Peace Network (MARWOPNET)
2004 Revitalisation of MRU after falling moribund due to civil war in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Normative framework

1973 Mano River Constitutive Act
2000 Adoption of 15th Protocol to the MRU Declaration on Cooperation on Defence, Security, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs
2008 Consolidated Protocols to the Mano River Declaration, including the 15th Protocol
2013 Adoption of the Strategy for Cross-border Security in the Mano River Union


Political dialogue

Date Institutions Agreement
2019 United Nations development programme (UNDP) Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen regional integration to advance peace and security

Governance and development

Areas Date Activities
Border management 2012 Activation of joint border security and confidence building units
Cross-border security 2014 Meeting of experts from Mano River Union countries to draft a five-year document (2014-2018) on the implementation of the strategy, supported by ECOWAS and UNOWAS

Peace and security